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malachyte Picarto.TV


Sketch Day Best Day
137 1 10,290
  • Wacom Intuos Thinger

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Furry

  • #anthro#art#furry
Chat Rules
  1. If a mod enforces a rule, listen.
  2. You can link things. Just state if they're SFW, NSFW, or contain troubling material.
  3. No racial slurs, misogynistic jokes, rape jokes, etc. Even ironic ones.
  4. Please keep public RP to a minimum.
  5. Absolutely no politics or person-specific drama/mockery.
  6. Please hold questions about commissions. When I'm streaming, I'm working or trying to relax. If you have commission questions, email me at spixish [at] gmail
Tip Jar

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All donations for this week will go to a dear family friend in need. His wife passed away, leaving him a single father with a special needs daughter. This couple helped my parents raise me as a young child, and I would like to give back to them in this time of need. Thank you so much.

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