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Welcome to DTS's Picarto Stream! Here you can watch DTS's Artists Livestream the all the art which will be going into all the Games we make. From Portraits, to concept sketches to posters banners and more!

But just Who are DTS?

Dead Tree Studios, or DTS for short is a Games company, based out of Deleware, which focuse on Pen and Paper Role Playing Games. The first project we are working on is called Fallout Equestria: PnP, based on the Fallout Equestria Fanfiction by Kkat, using a modified and upgraded system based off of the original Sunrise/Kkat Fallout Equestria PnP Rules System. For more information on who we are we urge you to check out our Website above.

Be sure to check us out on:




our Main Artists that you will be seeing on here are:

L9OBL: Our Graphic Designer and project Manager. Most of the Concept art, posters and painting are done by him.

Ty Trance: Our Webmaster and Lead Vector artist. He does most of our item and basic character art you will see inside of the books.

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