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Channel Rules

-Respect me and whatever mods might be present
-If you don't like my music, that's what the mute button is for.
-If you're asked to stop doing something, please stop doing it.
-Keep any politics to yourself. Nobody cares about them. Even if we agree, this still isn't the place to talk about it, and I really don't want people fighting with each other.
-You're free to link whatever you want, so long as it's related to discussion and not self-promotional or NSFW.
-We talk about a lot of things in this chat. Sometimes we end up discussing NSFW topics (in the context of, our opinions on such things and stories about some wild shit we found on the internet once). This still doesn't mean you get to link NSFW content.
-Don't role play in my chat.
-I won't watch YouTube videos while streaming, so keep that in mind when linking them.
-If you feel the need to offer any criticism or concerns regarding something I'm working on, please whisper it to me (tell me in private) by clicking on my name in the chat. Don't point it out in front of everyone, it's seriously not cool.
-Like most artists, I really don't like it when people compare my original work to things from well-known franchises, so let's keep that to a minimum, huh?


I'm new to your work and your stream. Where can I read your comic?
-Right here!

Do you take requests/trades?

Do you take commissions?
-Sometimes! If at the time of you reading this I'm taking commissions, you'll already know and won't have to ask.

Can I commission you to draw a comic for me?
-Nope! I only take commissions for illustrations, not sequential art.

Will you draw NSFW content?

What about fetish art?
-Depends. Ask yourself, would the average internet user be able to look at what you want drawn and immediately identify it as someone's fetish? If the answer is "yes" then I won't draw it.

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