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Hello! Welcome to my art stream! I'm Tsuki, an artist that likes drawing cute things. I like drawing a mix of ocs and fanart; I also have some personal projects I'm working on so you might see some of that here as well!

Feel free to chat (or lurk) and thanks for stopping by!


all times are in EST


1) Don't be a butthead. Just be nice in chat; don't be rude to the streamer(s) or anyone in or out of chat. No negative gossip, etc. etc. tldr no bullying here
2) Please don't ask for requests unless it's currently a request stream or I ask for requests!
3) No !spam or trolling please. !unless asked by streamer (like asking for icon spam idk i might)
4) No advertising just to advertise. (for example don't drop a link to your art page in chat and then leave)
5) Please ask first before linking to something nsfw.
6) Please keep the chat generally sfw, it is a sfw stream after all.
7) Feel free to ask for what music is playing, what I'm drawing, what video I'm watching etc. etc.


Tips are through streamlabs! I'm still testing this but hopefully it works out. Because these are through streamlabs (and it doesn't have picarto support (yet)), you have to have a twitch account to donate this way! When you donate, your tip will get a popup on my stream!
Thank you so much!!

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