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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Basic/Premium accounts
Basic and Premium are special account upgrades that unlock many awesome features for you on Picarto.TV. You can find a list of all features for the upgrades above.
Why should I upgrade
An upgrade enables you to enhance your experience on Picarto.TV by getting rid of all ads and will unlock many features for your account.
Where can I use my new features
You can use the features you pay for site-wide!
What can I pay with
We offer two payment solutions in form of Stripe and PayPal. Both require a valid credit card
How long does the upgrade take to activate?
The upgrade process will be completed right after the payment. It is rarely possible that the upgrade process can take up to ten minutes. This is depending on the payment provider you are using
How long will my upgrade last
Your upgrade will last as long as you do not cancel your active subscription. Once you have canceled your subscription your status will last for 30 (thirty) days after the last valid payment
If you have further questions please visit help.picarto.tv