Press was founded in 2013 and is the first and leading creative live streaming platform in the world. Picarto is covering many creative topics like drawing, handcrafting, music composition etc.

Why watch Creative Live Streams?

People like to watch others do things they probably can’t do. Watching talents is a common thing in sports, gaming and so in creative fields. Also, in the world of today people don’t just want to see something finished. They want to be present during the process and interact with the artist. It’s just the next step established by the internet. We offer this unique experience for interested parties who want to be live to see how a piece of art is made.

Why stream your Creative Process?

It’s a new and easy way to interact with existing fans and cultivate them for free. Creatives can answer questions, help others live or just share their passion. Creatives can offer a new service for their marketing channels and be closer to fans and interested parties. Best thing is, creatives can easily set up a stream and provide a service during their creative process without much effort and are able to get real-time critics to enhance drawing styles.

Official Mascots

Picarto is represented by a major mascot called Mimi. She is the epitome of all creative fields and loves to support passions. She can be seen on our social media channels and different subpages of She is endorsed by different minor mascots like our brooms and others. Together they promote and help us communicate with our users. Logo black Logo white

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We are aiming different target groups weather young or old, male or female – everyone can be creative and therefore use


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