Meet MiMi
Our mascot MiMi is a feisty german girl who loves to create new things. She lives on Picarto.TV and guides you through our website to help you as much as she can. You can easily recognize her by her rainbow-colored hair, those heterochromatic eyes and this cool blue hoody. You can learn more about her personality and friends by scrolling down.
Her Personality
MiMi’s personality sticks out since she is feisty and has a cheerful nature. But that’s not all! Look here what her personality is about.
She gets easily excited
She is very lovely
She loves to laugh
Even simple tasks may confuse her
She is a sleepyhead
You should run if she gets angry
MiMi loves to Cosplay!
Cosplay is one of MiMi’s favorite things and she loves to dress for different occasions. Her hair color is the only thing she won’t change. Her favorite cosplays are Link (Zelda) and sexy kitty.
Some more Details
Her Colors
Things she Likes
Listening to Music
Cute Things
Shiba Inu
Cold Seasons
Watching Movies
Meet with Friends
Things she Dislikes
Green Pepper
Early wakeup
She got the Looks
Many popular artists on Picarto.TV take a time out to illustrate our MiMi in their unique style.
Here are some of the ones we appreciate the most. Thank you so much for every fan art!
by Lexivine
by Lucy Studer
by Luminaura
by Carillus
by Tovior
by Ryairyai
by Emmanuel De Fex Lopaciuch
by Julian Brooks
by Ijourikae
by Dustin Eberhart
by Valeria Lizzio
by Backlog
by KuroUsagi
by AstroWolf
by Kpoxa
by Merimoc
by Danielleclaire
by The Pingdelf
by Tiago Sola
by Eveyash
by Paint R Fiend
by Theaxkx
by Xadr
by Stalker009
Meet her Friends
MiMi is not alone on Picarto.TV. There are five sidekicks who support her in every way possible. All these sidekicks are also a depiction of various creative arts. We have a brush, a scissor, a sewing thread, a hammer and a pen. All of them have cute names you can find here.
We hope you like her as much as we do!
We would love to see more cosplay or fan art of her. Feel free to send us your creation to info(@)