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I'm Kris, a tattoo artist, painter, illustrator, sculptor, gamer and a weirduh from Germany. Pleased to meet you :) I'm not the greatest entertainer out there, but I'm trying not to bore you to death ;P And please forgive my bad English, since it's not my native language x)

I stream here for sharing my passion for Art, interacting with others and keep practising. Cuz surrounding yourself with Art and drawing every day will make you improve! :D

Please follow me to see when I'm live!


Since I don't have a regular stream schedule (I stream whenever I can and/or feel like it - but mostly on weekends, Saturday - Monday) and you want to know when I'm live nonetheless, follow me here or Twitter @sickdelusion


On this channel you'll see some of my art and workflow and occasionally some games being played every now and again.


Depending on the (majority of) people in chat, I may speak English and/or German, so please don't leave just because occasional German scares you :P Sometimes I might speak some Na'vi as well, please don't judge x)

Q & A

What tools are you using?

Digitally I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium and usually Adobe CC, Paint Tool SAI or Clip Studio Paint. When not streaming I also love to use my Galaxy Note 10.1 on the go, together with Apps like LayerPaint HD, Photoshop Express, Sketchbook Pro, Infinite Painter and occasionally CloverPaint. Traditionally I prefer pencils, ball pens, watercolor, acrylics, colored pencils, modelling clay and whatever I find interesting to try out. Oh, and let's not forget about tattoo machines (InkMachines' Stingray and Dragonfly) and loooooots of ink. ^^

Your computer/stream setup?

Acer Predator G3-605; Intel i5 4590, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, but only 8 GB RAM (need moar!) Oh, and the cheapest headset/mic I could find. x) I use OBS. If I'll be able to afford it in the near future, I might buy me some webcam and a better mic.

Do you take commissions / requests?

Unfortunately not anymore, since my job is made up of taking commissions on a daily basis. In my free time I just wanna do whatever I feel like :) If you wanna get a tattoo done by me, just come by our tattoo shop :P
Depending on my current mood, I might consider taking requests / suggestions on what to draw.

Did you go to an Art school of some sort?

Not really, mostly everything I'm able to do today is self-taught. Don't underestimate the power of practise and passion! I went to an art-oriented high school, though, but only for a bout a year, which gave me some knowledge about medieval architecture, art styles and color values, but that's about it x) Life's the best teacher anyway! :P

What games are you (currently) playing?

Heroes of the Storm, ESO, Diablo 3, Ark Survival Evolved, Sims 4, Skyrim, Overwatch.

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