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The Bathhouse
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Gay stuff. Lots of gay stuff.


  1. RP is allowed, but if it makes others in the chat uncomfortable, please back off.
  2. "Be excellent to each other...and party on dudes" is the motto here--if someone disagrees with you, don't push it, and keep negative posts to yourself.
  3. Please do not dominate the chat--this disrupts the flow of the conversation and discourages others from participating. If you're the only one talking, or are posting paragraphs when others are posting one-liners or not responding at all, this is dominating the chat.
  4. Adult chat is fine, but please, we do not need the grotesque details.
  5. Links are allowed, but please, do not post any NSFW photos without express permission from the mods.

These rules will operate on a 3-strike system:
1 strike = kick
2 strikes = 30 minute ban
3 strikes = permaban

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