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About Chu

Hi! My name is Chu.

I make the webcomics Slightly Damned and The Junk Hyenas Diner. When I stream, I usually work on comics, Patreon rewards, or commissions.

Weekly streams are on Thursdays at 1pm Pacific and whenever else I feel like it!

The Rules
  • All genders and identities welcome.
  • SFW only; keep it PG-13 and under.
  • Be respectful.
  • Refrain from posting URLs in excess.
  • Three Strikes, You're Banned!
  • Ways to be instantly banned: racist remarks, baiting/trolling, personal attacks, and/or sharing private information.
  • One user will be picked at random to get a free, SFW, single character drawing at least once per stream!

How to win a free character drawing:

  • Be a registered Picarto member
  • Be present during one of Chu's streams
  • One name will be picked randomly through Picarto's /raffle command
  • If the winner does not respond within 10 minutes, they will lose their chance and another random name will be picked
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