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come for tits, stay for friendship
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  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adult

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  • if you're gonna talk about some disgusting shit like necrophilia, paedophilia, scat or this level of subject you'll be banned right away, idc if you were joking/trolling or whatever

  • role playing is ok, but try to not mess up the main chat and keep it mostly on whispers

  • try to be a gentleman, don't share events in your pants with entire world, no one cares to be honest :P

  • no links unless clearly asked, or given on whisper

  • don't give critique when not asked to

  • if you break the rules above, or be annoying in any way you'll be warned, if warning doesn't work you'll be kicked/banned

  • do not ever treat a work that's seen on stream as your commission/request if it isn't, cause you'll get banned right away
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