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The Inking Room: The Art of Jonathan Ponikvar
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  • Traditional Pencil and Ink

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Furry

  • #comic#webcomic#furry#anthropomorphic#traditional#sequential_art#animation#storyboards#professional#SCAD#pinup#cartooning#inking#boobs#voice

Welcome to the Inking Room

The Inking Room is the home of Jonathan and Whitney Ponikvar, a couple of young, crazy artists and former SCAD students. On this channel you will find them both sharing the stream and working on their own projects, from comics and animation to pin-ups and commissions.

Their comic work can be found here:

Peter & Company - Jonathan's original comic and longest-running series, launched in 2005 and now being made into an animated pilot episode.
Peter & Whitney - a joint comic venture by Jonathan and Whitney. An autobiographical story telling how their characters met in college and started their lives together.

FurAffinity Accounts:

FurAffinity - PeterAndCompany - All P&C-related content, including original comics, art gallery, and other works.
FurAffinity - PeterAndWhitney - All P&W-related NSFW content, including pinups, adult comics, and other adult commissions/pieces.
FurAffinity - Catsmeow - Whitney's FurAffinity Account, featuring original artwork, paintings, and commissions.

Follow their Tumblrs here:

The Peter & Company Tumblr - All P&C-related content, including comic updates, sketches, and previews of the animated series.
The Peter & Whitney Tumblr - Featuring NSFW pinup-style artwork and comic updates (no explicitly adult material).
The Art of Whitney - Whitney's personal art Tumblr, featuring her own lineart, paintings, and commissions.

Support the artists on Patreon:

Peter & Company on Patreon - Featuring exclusive comics, early access to each page, animation previews, and other bonuses.
Peter & Whitney on Patreon - Featuring exclusive NSFW-tier rewards, adult comics, and additional pinup imagery.

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