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OMG Farore!
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  • Intuos4

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Furry

  • #furry#anthro#anthropomorphic#art#furry_art#farore#farorenightclaw#kittybot#kit#adult#nsfw#digital#digital_art#commissions
Stream Rules

omgfarore is admin and v1kitty is mod. Their word is final. These rules are a guide and if omgfarore or v1kitty see fit to moderate based on anything not seen here (or to forgive something that IS seen here) that is their call and their word is final.

All rules broken will result in a warning. If the rule is broken again or the warning is complained about, it will result in a ban. If three different rules are broken, this will also result in a ban. Insta-bans may also be applied if the moderators feel they are required.

  1. No bigotry or rape jokes.
  2. You may post links without asking as long as you mark the content (ie ' - NSFW penetration, watersports' or ' - SFW') with the exception of the following prohibited content: cub porn, bestiality, snuff, scat, vomit, ants, spiders, vertical incest (parent/child etc; siblings okay).
  3. Arguments/fights must be taken elsewhere.
  4. No extended RPing. Things like 'hugs' or 'waves' are fine, but we're not here to watch your roleplay scene.
  5. No advertising.
  6. No spamming - this consists of posting the same thing multiple times or of completely filling the chat window with you and only you talking.
  7. No mini-modding - you are welcome to call the mod's attention to something via whisper but it is not up to you to enforce the rules.

Rules subject to change without notice. Please check the rules list every time you come into the stream. Moderators' word is final.

About OMGFarore

FaroreNightclaw is a freelancer who has been working as a freelance commission, art show, pay site, and portfolio artist for 11 years. It works in a variety of mediums, but when streaming uses Clip Studio Paint Pro with a Wacom Intuos Pro digital art tablet. It is open to most subject matter with the primary exceptions being pedophilia, bestiality, and scat. Commissions can be done with OCs only - no commercial characters - and completed at a variety of finish levels. Sometimes does themed streams or sales. More info including TOS and pricing can be found on the Commission Info tab.

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