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lumineko Picarto.TV


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  • Wacom Intuos Pro

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Pony

  • #mylittlepony#mlp#mlpfim#lumineko#luminaura#adult#clop#dreamluna#hentai#raffle#stream#equestriagirls#eqg
Rules for the Stream

General Stream rules:

Be courteous to others
Respect Mods
No roleplaying
Spamming will result in a kick/ban
Don't be a downer, I'd like to keep my stream a chillax and nice vibes place!

Sketch Raffle rules:

During the stream please have a character request, and decision for SFW/NSFW ready, and if you want to spin the wheels of fate or not!

Both Lumineko and JonFawkes will sketch the EXACT SAME request!

1 character only.

With canon characters you can pick a theme.
OCs are required to spin wheel of fate! To opt out of the OC Wheel of Fates you can tip us $5 (Split however way you want between the both of us!)

No detailed description for the request! You may only choose 1 theme for the sketch! (Such as cat ears, swimming, sky diving, etc) If you cannot decide you may ask to spin the wheel of fate!

Lumineko's characters can be considered Canon chars. And the only characters I won't do NSFW for are: Luminaure, Neko Heart and Dreamluna

If you are picked and are AFK, if you do not respond within 30 seconds your sketch prize is forfeit and there will be a re-roll!

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