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lumineko Picarto.TV


Boopity Boop
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  • Wacom Intuos Pro

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Furry

  • #mylittlepony#mlp#mlpfim#lumineko#luminaura#adult#clop#dreamluna#hentai#raffle#stream#equestriagirls#eqg
Rules for the Stream

General Stream rules:

Be courteous to others
Respect Mods
No roleplaying
Spamming will result in a kick/ban
Please do not backseat my drawing! If you would like to critique, do so at one of my art pages!
Don't be a downer, I'd like to keep my stream a chillax and nice vibes place!

Tip Jar

Like a sketch I've done for you or just want to randomly support the stream? Send a tip! \(≧▽≦)/

Sketch Raffle + Guessing Game Rules!

Sketch Raffle Rules:
Please have 1 non-oc character ready if you are chosen!
If you are not here within 30 seconds = Reroll!
PM me the character with and say if it's NSFW or not! (No Details)
The character you picked chat will try to guess for the guessing game!

Guessing Game Rules:
Whoever PMs me the correct character guess first wins 10 RAWR points!
You may only guess one time so think about your guess before guessing!
I will announce if someone got it right in the chat!
Have fun!

RAWR Point Store

If you are awarded RAWR Points, keep your own record for redeeming them until Misaka is fixed!

50 RAWR = Sketch
500 RAWR = Speed Paint

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