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fek Picarto.TV


owo *notices ur stream*
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  • #adult#gamedev#furry#game#animation


  • No RP / eRP, please. Stick to /w for that.
  • It's okay to talk briefly about politics and other annoying topics, but it gets old real fast.
  • Easy on the back-seat coding. Sometimes it's helpful, but a lot of the time it's just distracting, even if you're not wrong.
  • This is not a safe space, but if you're gonna be mean, make sure you're actually funny and not just annoying.
  • Juicy drama / gossip is okay if it's just fek. If we're multistreaming, be polite and don't stir shit up.
  • Links are fine, as long as it's not stuff that can get me in trouble (e.g. actual human porn videos) or really annoying spam.
  • No "misery loves company". I know life sucks sometimes, but people come here to have fun, not be depressed.


Hey, I'm fek!

I make furry stuff! Mostly games, plus a little bit of art/animation. It's usually porn.

I'm currently working on a video game called Rack 2. It's a science-themed bondage game. You can learn more about it here:

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