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About The Artist

Hello! My name is Blitzy. I'm a working freelance digital artist living in California. My work has a focus on furries with an influence from anime. I also draw humans, and many other types of creatures. Just about anything really. I've been drawing my entire life, love it, and I'm happy I can do what I love as a job.

I enjoy streaming, so I can interact with my viewers and give them a small look into the way I work. It's also lovely to have company during my work process, and gives me a lot of motivation.

If you like my streams, and wanna keep up with them, and know when I'm online, hit the follow button if you'd like! :D

I accept tips for commissions, or donations out of kindness/generosity! My tip jar is HERE:

Stream Rules

Please read my stream rules BELOW. Me, and my mods reserve the right to ban anyone if I feel they are making me, or other viewers uncomfortable.

Stream Rules!:

~ DO NOT RP in the chat... This is not an RP site. Take it to Skype or some other RP site where it is more appropriate.

~ Treat others with basic respect, and please try to get along. Keep arguments and debates OUT of my stream. Don't bring up political or controversial topics. I wont tolerate negativity, or stuff that could cause it. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

~ Do NOT make lewd/creepy/sexual comments/discussions. Don't say anything to me online that you wouldn't say to my face.

~ Names/artists of songs played here are always displayed on screen in real time! I do play heavier music such as rock/heavy metal. Please do not dictate my music selection or complain about it. If my music selection bothers you, please just silently mute.

~ Please, don't advertise yourself, or spam! It is rude to advertise yourself on someone else's stream.

~ Please refrain from sending me links to things! I focus completely on drawing during the ENTIRE stream, and I really don't want to stop to look at a video or picture you want to show me while I'm deep into working. Sorry, but links like this will be ignored by me.

~ DO NOT ask me for free art. This is a pretty obvious rule. IF I choose to do requests, then that is my choice and on my terms ONLY. Otherwise, please don't even IMPLY free art work/requests. (I do not allow nitpicking/control on freebie art work.)

~ To go hand in hand with "nitpicking" on #6 please don't "back seat draw" me. I'm fine with constructive criticism, but only if I explicitly ASK for your input. If I don't ask for crit, then keep it to yourself. Clients however, are of course allowed to always offer their input, if it is their piece.

~ Please don't use cutesy/kawaii/baby talk... Like: "Meow :3", "woof/arf/rawr" "cuddles/snuggles against you, "GLOMPS!", "licks ur face" etc. etc. That type of talk really makes me uncomfortable. Please, just talk to me like a regular person, with basic/proper grammar, and we'll get along just fine! :)

Overall, please just try to be respectful, and have common sense! I may offer warnings, or I will just ignore you, but if you continue the behavior, and when it becomes an annoyance, then it will be a problem, and can result in a ban without word.

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