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The Lucid Dreams of Baron Engel
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This is a politics-free zone. Thank you!

I have a tip jar! If you are feeling generous, please feel free to tip me at baron-streamtip.png! (please be aware that StreamTip has a no-refund policy)

Original artwork is available for sale! Come see what's available at

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is exploring world around me and the realms that reside in my imagination. The joy of seeing people discover these images and words has few equals in my life. It is my hope that through your support I can create even more images and tell even greater stories for all to enjoy.

This channel is dedicated to live streams of my artwork, and "fireside chats" of discussions of artwork, fandoms, and all the interesting things this world offers. I work in traditional media (pencil, ink, paint), and love to chat with viewers like yourself as I draw. Commissions, illustrations from my ongoing lucid dreamscape, and the occasional request are what it's all about.

The usual time for these "dream streams" is 5:30 Pacific time, every other Saturday. Announcements about the streams can be seen at:

TWITTER: @BaronEngel

I hope to see you there... and here!


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