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  • Cintiq, iPad Pro and traditional mediums

  • Sketchbook Pro

  • Character Design

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1- No Drama!
it's not my responsibility to interfere or get involved with affairs, you'll have to handle it on your own or get over it
2- No Belligerence & Bullying!
when I stream, it's a safe place. Along with bringing drama on stream, you are not to start any drama! And you better not be being derogatory or bigoted towards anyone or for any reason; this stream will be safe for everyone; this means no propagating sexism, racism, anti-cultural, and in irony- no SJW's (racist pudding from an off brand)!
3- Do Not Ask For Free Art!
Unless I open up my stream as a request stream, there will be no free art and asking for some will automatically blacklist you. But you are free to ask or check prices and are allowed to step out of a commission if you can't afford it; nothing wrong with asking first.
4- Ask And Clarify before posting links!
Posting links without permission gets a warning, posting anything that is non-constructive or fitting to topic gets a strike (2 total), or if you post anything offensive, obscene, and/or just you promoting yourself on my stream (bombardingly without permission) gets you automatically banned!
5- No Ranting!
Even I have something on the mind that I want to get off my chest, but even I'm working to keep it to a minimum, and at best want to talk or share something people could talk about or give everyone a chance to share in the chat. So please, No Negativity!

Break these rules, and you will have a bad time! And that's not a @&#%ing Undertale reference

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