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3d and 2d is my game
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Welcome to my stream,now get out! Nah im kidding.

I'm glad that you came to my Stream.

Anyways lets DO this.

What Do Like to draw?

I like to draw Ponies mostly. I Am trying to learn on how to draw human anatomy as well. Basically my drawing level is poor,but I will get better.

I am also doing 3d projects as well.

Do you have any other Websites besides your DA

Why yes I do though most of them I just recently opened so they have nothing XD

I have a Tumblr and Paigee Word account. I will post them soon.

What programs do you use?

Zbrush(Which) I still Suck at.),Clip Studio (Which is Manga Studio Digialtized), SAI, and a CS6 Adobe master Collection.

Can I Donate?

Oh Thank You so much.

Yes you can to my PayPal here:


Rules (Yes We need These)

Please be respectful. Simple enough right?

Please Don't post NSFW links.Just ask if you want post something like that?.

If I see you Insult People or me,I WILL ban you Immediately.

If you would like a drawing request just ask me okay.

Okay that's it Enjoy the stream.

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