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The Fox Hole
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  • Cintiq 27HD Touch

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adult

Welcome to my Livestream page! The Fox Hole!

Hello everyone and welcome to my streaming page. You can catch me streaming for buyers as well as for myself here often. Please feel free to hit that fallow if you like my work or visit me on FA by clicking the fox tail with the a in it.
What do I draw?
I like to draw and work on a wide range of settings but this is mostly for adult fantasy kinks (BDSM, NONCON, PERIL, and many more). Much of what I draw is not mainstream and may offend some. I understand that people have their tastes but please be polite and if what I draw isn’t for you please feel free to move on.
How long have you been drawing?
I started to scribble in 1998, I have no formal training in art beyond what I have learned through trial and error and helpful advice from those willing to give it. I strive to improve and realize I am not the best but hope that my works still entertain and inspire others.
Do you take commissions?
Yes I do, I take payment up front on all orders under 300 USD and half payment up front on all orders over. Once the invoice is payed I place the buyer in the que and will work on the work when his or hers turn comes up. That’s not to say I can get it done before hand if another buyer delays their work for whatever reason. You can find my tos here which is a general guide. Prices may differ some.
Do you do requests?
No sadly I have little time so I almost never take requests.
Thank you everyone for visiting my page. If you like it please fallow me and feel free to whisper or note me on FA if you are interested in an order.
The foxes

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