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And now lets add a cute girl over here...
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Stream Rules!

General Rule - Ask first. Want to post a link? Check with me or another mod/streamer first.
No promotions. Streamers in multi-streams can promote themselves and their works and things they want, but viewers should not promote anything without permission.
Don't be rude.
Puns are only tolerated :P

I am one of the many artist from the Katbox. My comics are which has been going on since late 2003, and Artificial Incident at which is rather new having started in 2016. I follow many of my fellow Katbox artists but I also generally visit other artists mostly in an effort to study more and to continue improving my own techniques and styles.

I don't stream often, but I hope to change that a bit. It's a lot of fun when doing it with others and it keeps me focused!

If you are interested in supporting my work please consider my Patreon . All my work posted on Patreon is actually open for everyone, you don't need to be a patron to view the content, but it is only posted there and later it is sometimes posted to other sites like weasyl and Deviant Art. and

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