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  • Wacom Intous Pro Medium

  • Manga Studio

  • Concept Art

  • #ryu#ryuu#girl#dragon#purple#art#service#commission#commisssions#furry#scaley#comic#anthro

Welcome to my stream. Enjoy my art? Consider tipping!

I stream on Sundays and Wednesdays! If you'd like to see more from me please watch/follow me on my social media accounts.

When I stream requests I will choose randomly what I desire to draw and the extent I will go. I do NOT take requests outside of stream and requesters must be present once started. If I stream commissions I will NOT take requests. When streaming custom price commissions, I will only take on orders that have the money to pay immediately.


2 Strike penalty!

  1. No bullying, harassing, flaming, etc.
  2. No flooding, spamming, unnecessary call to attention
  3. No begging, whining, complaining, discussing outside personal problems.
  4. No advertising, no sharing outside links unless asked.
  5. No back-seat modding.
  6. I have the right to ban without notice and under my discretion
  7. You agree to these rules once you have entered my stream.
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