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rathmutatio Picarto.TV


A place for a small rat to share her world.
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  • Intuos CTH-480

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  • #adult#art#comic#sketches#commissions#furry#anthro#monster#nsfw

Welcome to my stream, were I draw comics, illustrations and work on games.
Help support my comics via Patreon, and pick what gets done.

Or send a more immediate donation:

Commissions are currently open, just ask and check the commission tab for prices.


  1. THIS IS A DRAMA-FREE ZONE. Keep your problems to yourself. We all have things to deal with, this isn't the place for it.
  2. NO RPING beyond simple actions like hugs and kisses. This isn't a role-playing channel.
  3. NO RAPE JOKES. Just, gtfo.
  4. NO LINKS WITHOUT PERMISSION. Ask a Mod or Admin first.
  5. BE POLITE. Any harassment will be dealt with swiftly.

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