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noodlesthecat Picarto.TV


Form Seven: Break Genkat!!!
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  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Hentai

  • #gamedev#indiedev#pixelart#hentai#art#illustration#animation#furry#anime#lewd
Hello There

Nyello Everybody, name's Noodles welcome to my channel. I'll be streaming painting, (SFW & NSFW) 3d modeling/animation indie game development and the like here so if the mood strikes ya, sit back and enjoy. (Be warned though I'll greet you.)

Stream Schedule (All Times EST)

Thursday - 4pm or earlier

Friday - 4pm or earlier

Saturday - Morning 12pm Gamedev, Evening 5pm Continue Gamedev or Painting

Sunday - M.u.G.E.N. dev

No end time given because I'll most likely end the stream when my body starts to give out XD

Discord Server

Feel like hangin' out afterwords or beforehand come chill with us in the kitchen.


Skype: noodles_the_cat
Discord: Ramen_cat#2497
Twitter: @StudioRamenCat
AIM: StudioRamenCat

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