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My Deviantart!

Click me, if you wanna see my art! :D

About me:
Hey i'm known as Letta, but you can also call me Tazz :)
I'm a 17 year old self taught artist from Denmark!
I love music, art, games and reading.

I'm almost always up for multistreaming, if you ask me! :D
(Since i don't have core its most likely me who asks)

Feel free to talk with me, i don't bite ;)
Got any questions? just ask :D

Enjoy the stream!


Hello and welcome!
I only have a few rules for you guys.
I would like all to read and accept them!


  1. Be nice to everyone in the stream.
  2. Do not be a buzzkill by correcting people's language / grammar / spelling / Pronunciation!
  3. Links are allowed, but please give NSFW warning if needed.
  4. Don't spam, over use caps etc etc. I'm trying to say: Don't be a child
  5. HAVE FUN! :)

If you break the rules

  1. I or a Mod will tell you to stop
  2. If you don't stop you will get kicked, as a warning!
  3. After that if you keep breaking the rules, you will end up blocked!
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