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The Cringe Server

Join in the temporary discord server for news and stuff


Every tip will make Taco extra THICC!

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Be nice to each other and lets keep the chat a healthy place alt text
No racism/bigotry.
Don't advertise yourself or other streams.
Don't spoil new movies, games or tv shows.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Do you take requests?
A : No but I do art raffles once a month but it's only for Subscribers.

Q : How do I become a Subscriber?
A : You can't (at the moment) ... Picarto changed the subscription terms and I'm unable to activate the "Enable Subscription Button" until I make a Stripe account. I can't make an account because Stripe is not available in my country yet.

Q : Are you doing Stream Sketches Today?
A : Before stream starts I'll announce it on my twitter if I'm doing or not doing the Stream Sketches. You can also check the title below my name.

Q : How do I get a stream sketch commission slot?
A : To claim a slot just wait until the "This streamer is now taking commissions" to appear and just type "i want a slot" in chat to claim a slot. Then if you get the slot i'll send you a whisper. Send me a note with details to my FA.

Q : How much are the stream sketches?
A : $15 per character. Subscribers gets -$5 off on all commissions

Q : When do you usually stream?
A : I usually stream on Mondays , Thursdays and Saturdays

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