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keishamakainn Picarto.TV


I'm a very eclectic artist.
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  • Wacom Intous Pro S

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Furry

  • #KeishaMaKainn#AnkhsPaw#Furry#Anthro#Human#fantasy#neko#Elves#OCs#characterdesign#conceptart#design#graphicdesign

Commission Information can be found Here: Commission Guide

If you would like a stream only commission please send me a private message on picarto, and let a Mod know that you have poked me about a commissions in stream. Sometimes I get really into the zone and miss some of chat. >.> I will message you back about how I would like you to proceed with sending me the info.

If getting a stream commission I will need the following info sent to me via PM.

  • Username & Site associated: (ex: KeishaMaKainn - FurAffinity)
  • Payment Preference:
    (Paypal or Square)
  • Email Address:
    (So I can invoice you if you choose square)
  • Type of Sketch:
    (Bust, Waist/Thigh up, Full Body)
  • Sketch Style:
    (Sketch, Greyscale/monochrome, or Coloured)
  • Character References:
    (min 2 images)
  • Other info:
    (All in stream Commissions are 'wing its', please let me know though if there is something the character enjoys doing, or you would like to see. I can't promise this would be the thing that gets drawn, but it might give me an idea or two for handling your character.)

All commissions are subject to my Terms of Service

  • No spamming
  • No roleplaying in chat!
  • Links are welcome, but must be marked SFW or NSFW.

You get "A" warning, whether from me or a Mod.
Think before you post!

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