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Journey of Pain
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Stream Behaviour


I'm Jen. I'm a German artist who basicly draws every genre but here I will mostly stream manga/anime content. Feel free to write in English, German or even yourr mother tongue but please stay nice. I'm a really patient and polite person but when I see random trolling just for evilness or worse I'll make it short and ban you. :)

So, here some short rules:

1. Be kind and polite.
2. Don't post any misplaced phrases or links in chat.
3. Pay attention to what the streamers and/or the mods are saying, 

especially when they are texting you.

If u respect the rules, everything will be okay.

So thanks for paying attention and stepping by here at my stream :D

P.s.: If you are not satisfied by the music in stream or have a song , you mean I could like it, feel free to send me the link via whisper /w. Music is my gasolina for drawing :heart:

Personal Schedule

As long as I am able to I try to stream on following days:

 Tuesday  - streamin with friends (personal stuff) 
 Saturday - streamin with friends/ theme related stuff 
(Sunday - ONLY personal stuff- no comissions)

On weekends (Fr, Sa) I am doing comissions. If you are interested follow the "Comission"-panel.

Comissions - closed

Thanks for thinking about it :)
Currently I am taking comissions, but have refer to my personal schedule.

If you are interested in giving me a comission, just text me :smiley: Then we can talk about your ideas and my possibilities to fullfill them.

If I'm not available you can send me an E-Mail to [email protected]
I'll answer you as soon as possible

(pricelists are in making)

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