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About Me

Hi, I'm Dranxis. I draw a webcomic, What Nonsense, which you can read here:


The story follows a workaholic boar named Mr. Swinson who is sent to a remote vacation home, Nawncentz, by his boss. But when he meets his strange new neighbors, Mr. Swinson thinks that there's more to the story here. Everyone at Nawncentz has a shady past, and Swinson's arrival may have just set a mysterious plan in motion...

Today's Music is by: fromadistance


fromadistance released four Touhou Project arrangement albums from 2009-2013. 'eureka' and '生年不滿百' are out of print.

If you'd like to support fromadistance, you can still buy 'historie' and 'Duende' from D-STAGE. You'll need to place your order through a proxy service if you live outside Japan.


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