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Demos Lounge
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  • Cintiq 12 WX

  • Paint Tool SAI

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Welcome To The Lounge

Hi there and thank you for dropping bye. Just a few things I'd like to mention.

  • I can be stop and go with work since I have kids and animals.
  • My streams can run anywhere from an hour to 4. Just depends what's on my plate for the day. Not to mention I stream on and off through out the day.
  • Most of the work you'll see are commission or patreon related. Occasionally you'll see some personal work.
  • I don't talk often and when I do, work really slows down just fyi lol.
  • Mic is almost always off but sometimes I'll pop it on to keep chatting and not have to stop and type as much.


  • Please do NOT post links via the chat. Whisper them to the other membet
  • Please do NOT come in to advertise for other artists. I love making new friends and seeing other talented artists but if I'm streaming on my own I'm usually trying to take on more work to help cover my bills.
  • Keep Rp'ing for elsewhere.
  • Play Nice!
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