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Rules of the Channel

Rules of the Chat.
You break a rule the first time you get warned. 2nd ends in a kick which means you don't come back for the night. 3rd is a ban.

  1. Please be respectful to everyone.
  2. No venting please, I am not a licensed physiologist.
  3. No interrupting people in the middle of their conversation.
  4. No negativity
  5. Unless you're commissioning me don't tell me how to draw/write my comic and artwork.
  6. No hijacking my chat and posting links to your work. If it's relevant to the chat convo then ask to post it.
  7. When commissioning me for art. DO NOT EVER TELL ME MY PRICES ARE SELFISH! Then ask for a test for whatever you want for free. I'm not going to play those games. Want something done then pay for it. That will get you swift quick. If you come back and complain some more I will ban you.
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