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Welcome to the stream!

NB: middle-click or ctrl-click to open any links in the description section.

Hello! My name is Chocolate and I make furry and fetish-oriented artwork.
I am crowdfunded, take regular commissions, and stream frequently.

Every stream is themed, which determines what content I will work on, as well as what is acceptable in the chat for that show. The theme is shown at the top left corner of the stream overlay, so take note.

If I have my microphone turned on, I will respond mostly over voice to minimize distractions. The microphone indicator is at the top right of the overlay.

I also take commissions in-stream, whenever they are enabled on Picarto. Check for the paintbrush icon below the stream box to see if I'm open for commissions.

Contribute to my work!

[Click Here to pay for an in-stream commission or tip me!]

I am funded through Patreon by audience members like you!
Supporting my work this way lets me focus on it on a more full-time basis, improve my skills, and produce more and better content for you.

If you enjoy the show, pledging to my Patreon makes you eligible for many rewards including regular, complementary artwork, physical goodies, early access to my progress work, and anything else that I can cook up as I develop things further.

If you're not interested in pledging a monthly contribution, I also have a tip jar and open regularly for commissions both in and out of streams. Sharing my work around with friends also improves my visibility, so please do - every little bit helps.

Thanks in advance!

The Stream Rules

My content is varied, and attracts people with equally varied interests and preferences. For this reason I have to maintain a comfortable space for both myself and the audience with a few simple rules.

Don't test me or my mods. The rules are there to explain what is and isn't acceptable in this stream. Pushing your luck is just as bad as breaking them outright, so don't do it.

  1. No mention of any fetishes of any kind other than those directly related to the stream's current theme. No exceptions. Fetish Free-For-Alls are unrestricted, so take heed.
  2. Links are permitted except for other active streams, or any sensitive or offensive content. Label NSFW links. There's no need to ask for permission but I will delete links I find inappropriate. Same restrictions as rule 1 apply here.
  3. Take note of the Theme, Mic status, Announcement bar and Commission indicator provided within and around the stream box to avoid unnecessary questions. They're there for everyone's convenience, including my own.

My Work Elsewhere

To know about all of my streams and when they happen, you will need to subscribe to my schedule, follow me on Twitter or one of my top three art accounts. Fetish-related streams will be set to private and the unique link provided there.

The one-stop shop for everything related to my work is my redirect page.

You can also:

Contribute to my Patreon to get bonus stuff and early content.

Join my community and continue chatting on Discord.

Follow my shenanigans and interact with me on Twitter.

Follow me here to be notified of any Vanilla or Sketch Play streams.

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