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carpetsharkstudio Picarto.TV


Themed Art and Animation by Dook
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid

  • Sketchbook Pro

  • Creative

  • #furry#anthro#comic#illustration#sketch#anime#fanart#sci-fi#bara#kemono#macro/micro#sizedifference#muscle

Channel Rules

  • If you have any questions about commissions, please whisper or IM me about it I get busy or distracted just like everybody else.

Please do not ask any business related questions in the stream, comments, or shouts. :) If you have not gotten a response, send another note or IM again I'll respond as soon as I can, thank you.

  • Please keep any RP to a minimum, or in private elsewhere. But this is a place to chat & have fun. :)

  • No advertisements, you may share pictures for fun though and ask permission to share your own stream.

  • Real world etiquette applies even here, please use common sense and be respectful of others and their boundaries.

  • No drama, please! Thank you! :3

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