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Who are you, Calena?

Hi everybody! Hello to everypony!

I am Guilherme, also known as Calena. I'm a digital artist from Brazil and huge fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (which makes me a 'brony'). And this OC on the picture is my OC, Trinity Deblanc.

I plan to do art and animation for a living. I hope that I can get my very own animation studio someday or at least work with Concept Art or Illustrations which are things I have a passion for. But I need to study a lot, I'm still in the very beginning of my career: It's been only a year that I've started to draw more seriously and there are lots of stuff I need, and stuff I'm learning to do.

Interesting silly things you might want to know:
I'm the administrator of Faculdade Brony, which is, a small group of fans of MLP in Brazil on Discord and Facebook, and we try to do new and original content (specially to Brazil, but worldwide too) to the MLP fandom.

I also have a fancy Youtube channel where I upload silly videos of me detuning on some MLP songs, including some translations to Brazilian Portuguese (My native language). And, since I want to work with animation, there are a couple PMVs collabs I did back then.

That's basically what I am and what I am doing now. ^^
I hope to see you around. Brohoof! /)

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