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I keep kickin til I\\\'m lyin dead in a grave!
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  • Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Character Design

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Watch me sketch, ink and paint, work on comics, 3D model and more!

NEW RULE AS OF THE 2016 ELECTIONS: ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL TALK. YOU WILL BE BANNED ON THE SPOT, NO EXCEPTIONS. I am sick to death of the bullshit on both sides and sick of hearing both sides carry on like a bunch of fucking children!

Rules are few and far between and most are just common courtesy so please just don't be a douche, okay? Pretty much anything goes in my channel. Post links, videos, artwork, anything. If it's NSFW, please warn us. That's all I ask. You may roleplay in my channel, if desired. Just keep it SFW. If you want to do NSFW roleplay, keep it to whispers, please. Please respect other guests and do not roleplay or make dirty jokes to them without their pemission. I want to keep a friendly, fun environment for everyone. Cursing and mild dirty jokes are allowed in my chat, I don't care about that stuff but keep in mind I do have younger viewers sometimes.

Please do not cause drama. I don't mind discussing your real life problems in chat and in most cases, I will offer my condolences and emotional support but that's the most I can do. I can't pay your bills or anything crazy like that. Political, religious and other controversial debates are welcome and encouraged but please keep them FRIENDLY! No hate and no insulting the other side personally. If a debate becomes heated, DROP IT.

Try to have fun, hang out and make jokes as much as you like. We LOVE jokes here! Overall, just have fun, chill out and don't take anything I or anyone else may say. It's just idle discussion and everyone has different views, so try not to get butthurt, kay?

Thank you for viewing my stream and have fun, chill out and watch me do stuff that might not be legal somewhere! X)

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