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avencri Picarto.TV


Streams by Avencri!
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  • Wacom Cintiq 12WX

  • Paint Tool SAI

  • Comic

  • #webcomics#comic#anthro#furry

Welcome to my streaming channel! I work on pages of my webcomics and related stuff most of the time so just feel comfortable.

Feel free to donate using this link!!

I do have some notes i want you guys to take notice of:

1- It is rare that i take requests but i do every now and then. I just have to be the one asking for suggestions.

2- Please be polite and friendly to others in the channel.

3- Linking is fine and asking for permission first is prefered.

4- At times i am too absorbed on what i am working on that i may miss something in the chat. If you need to get my attention on something an easy way is to repeat yourself or to send a whisper. I do try to keep track of the chat as much as i am able to.

5- If i am asked for a comission of a character that belongs to a third party. I would like to have explicit permission from the owner of such character if the picture involves nudity or beyond.

6- Regarding my characters, it is heavily adviced that your requests or commissions that include them are kept in character. Exceptions to this rule will exist but are extremely rare.

Thanks for joining! Have fun with the other people in the channel! =D

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