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artwithsaurian Picarto.TV


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  • Intuos Pro Med

  • Paint Tool SAI

  • Pony

  • #pony#cartoon#furry#comic#scalie#dragon#fairy#gem#human

All Characters Portrayed are 18+

Digital comics, sketches, commissions, and paintings

Drop a Donation
to Paypal ->

$5 Sketches

$10 Lineart

$20 Flat Color

$30 Full Color

1 character for base price, $5 per extra for Sketches/Lineart/Flats, $10 for full color

Comics are $100 a page, some complexity fees may apply

I am willing to bargain if you think a price is too high

Donations are welcome too, puts food on table ^_^

No Vore/Gore/Macro/Micro/Hyper/Scat

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