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Angry Koala's Angry Art Stream
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In-stream commissions are OPEN. Just check the Commission Info tab

~Tips are very much appreciated~

**I draw SFW, NSFW, and GORE

-NSFW/Fetish limitations:
-Gore limitations:


Don't ask about freebies. Fuck off if that's all you want

-I don't draw herms/c-boys/dick girls/futanari
BUT ask me anyways because some characters I like and won't mind drawing. NO FUTAS that's where I draw the line lol

-If you go AFK before it's your turn you'll be skipped!

-Preferred payment is PayPal

-Payment in USD

-Pay upfront but you don't have to pay me until it's your turn(just in case I can't get to everyone)

-I send Invoice
So give me your email address when you order something

-Always accepting NSFW, SFW, and Gore commissions~ ;D

-NSFW/Fetish limitations:
-Gore limitations:

-Don't whisper unless it's to privately ask for a commission or to give me character refs and you don't want other people to see them. It doesn't notify me if you whisper and if you whisper trying to tell me that I miss something in the sketch then you have to deal with it because I'm not gonna stop every five seconds to check the chat to see if you respond. Your comment will be missed if you whisper!

-I won't change anything when I get to lineart unless it's something small like scars or to ass long fingernails. Tell me what you want DURING sketch NOT after!

-Text bubbles are free

-Ask for transparent lines if you're gonna color them yourself or get it colored by someone else! I don't give unwatermarked lines

Commission Prices

-Bust/Chibi/Icon: $2.50

-Half Body: $5

-Full Body: $10

-Chibi: $5

-Bust/Icon: $7

-Half Body: $10

-Full Body: $15

-Chibi: $7

-Bust/Icon: $10

-Half Body: $15

-Full Body: $20


-Extra Character(s): +%50

-Text Desc. Characters: +$10

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